Health News

Health News

Several New Medications Approved

As a new year begins, we celebrate the beginning of something new and exciting. This year, that includes several new medication approvals from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Type 2 Diabetes Info

Get Help Managing Your Glucose with a Basal Insulin Option. Learn More

Is Asthma Holding You Back?

In the United States, an estimated 15.4 million people are treated for asthma each year, according to a new study.

Preventing Depression in Menopause

Hormone therapy may prevent depression in women who are in the early stages of menopause, according to a new study.

Aging and the Effects of Inactivity

Getting older comes with a lot of changes, and one of those changes might be how your muscles react to inactivity, according to a new study.

DASH Diet Comes Out on Top Again

In a recent report, the DASH Diet beat nearly 38 other diets and was ranked best overall diet for the eighth consecutive year.

The Power of New Year's Resolutions

Don't give up yet. Those healthy New Year's resolutions may help you reduce your cancer risk, according to the authors of a new study.

New Rx to Treat Very Low Blood Pressure

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new medication to treat very low blood pressure.

FDA Removes Warning for Some Inhalers

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has removed a strong warning for some combination inhalers.

FDA Approved Treatment Option - Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

An Approved Treatment Option For Previously Treated Advanced NSCLC. Learn More.