Health News

Health News

What You Need to Know Before Surgery

If you are scheduled for surgery that requires anesthesia, here's what you need to know about how to best prepare for your procedure.

8 Tips to Prevent Medication Errors

Unfortunately, medication errors occur relatively often — and they can harm you and your family. The good news is there are ways to avoid medication errors.

Take a Look at Your Eye Health

We know to brush and floss to keep our teeth in tip-top shape and to eat right and work in some cardio at the gym for our heart's sake. But what about our eyes?

Is Asthma Holding You Back?

In the United States, an estimated 15.4 million people are treated for asthma each year. This places an enormous burden on both individual patients and the US economy.

Safe and Healthy Easter Tips

Easter, a joyful celebration for many, is quickly approaching. To ensure your family, friends and coworkers have a safe Easter holiday, keep the following safety tips in mind.

Eye-Opening Tips for Vision Health

Our eyes are the windows to the world. We only get one pair, so it's important to keep them in good health.

Blood Pressure: A Numbers Game

High blood pressure is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease. But what do your blood pressure numbers actually mean?

Allergies 101

No matter where you live, you and almost everyone you know have likely experienced allergies at some point. But did you know there are ways to minimize your allergy symptoms?

Caring for Your Contacts

Cleaning contact lenses incorrectly could have negative consequences for your health and vision.

FDA: Company Illegally Marketed Genetic Test

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning letter to a genomics lab for illegally marketing a genetic test.