Mission, Vision, Value

Our Mission

To be a caring community pharmacy that provides products and services which empowers our customers to make better health and wellness decisions.  


Our Vision

To be the preferred pharmacy in the community for everyday health needs.  


Our Core Values 



We strive to maintain the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct in our interactions with employees, customers and in all professional relationships and transactions.  



We work to improve our patients’ health by considering their individual needs.  We also take great pride in being an integral part of the local community which we actively support in many ways.  



We consistently demonstrate unwavering commitment to excellence and to exceptional customer and patient experience by delivering outstanding service, products and patient education.  



We foster loyalty in our customers and in our staff by creating an environment of mutual respect and open communication.  



We recognize and reward the team approach to project execution and problem solving while we also celebrate leadership and exceptional individual contributions.  



We uphold the value of professionalism by utilizing the most effective and reliable tools, processes, products and services to ensure accuracy and reliability.  We challenge ourselves to continuously improve through constant monitoring, accountability and industry education.

  • PCAB
  • Joint Commission
  • IACP
  • PCCA