Reginald Miller

The staff is always courteous, and remembers the customer’s name after just a few visit. The pharmacists are very knowledgeable about alternative holistic and natural herbs verses pharmaceutical drugs. In my humble opinion they are far more superior to the other pharmacies in my area especially for personalized service, where you are treated like family and appreciated for your patronage.

Customer ER

I compliment Sheefa Pharmacy for the prompt professionalism and dispersal of my wife’s medication. As a retired Pharmacist, it is a pleasure to see this type of service.

Richard Lee

This pharmacy has the highest standards in the area call them for deliveries. Professional Service. 24 Hr. Phone Service.

Tiffany Wells

The topical cream given to me by Sheefa Pharmacy & Wellness Center for joint and leg pain does work! I have suffered from knee pain for many years and no matter what I’d take; it never seemed to fully relieve the soreness. After using the cream for a few weeks, I absolutely feel the difference. In fact, I’m able to bend my knees without wincing in pain. I seriously recommend this product!

Monica Williams

When I’m in a lot of pain, I don’t like to take pain killers, I hate pain killers. But when I rub the Sheefa pain cream directly on the spot and sit down or lay down for a few minutes, it works and I have no pain at all. This stuff is good, it really works!

Patient MK

The special compound cream given to me by Sheefa Pharmacy to help heal the bursitis pain in my knee brought relief in a few days. Thank you!

Patient MG

I thank you. I don’t know what it is, but it (pain cream) works!

Patient CG

Very quick delivery.

Patient RR

They went above and beyond to make sure I got my pain medicine on a timely manner.

Patient JN

This product has truly helped my pain very much. First time in years I have relief. Thank you very much!

Patient DA

Thank you Sheefa for the courteous and quick service and for calling and explaining the dosage and how to use the medication.

Patient RP

I am so satisfied that my mother now receive a lower dose of medication from your pharmacy. I have recommended my cousins, siblings and aunts to your pharmacy for like services.

Patient MM

I really appreciate that the staff and Pharmacist were concerned for my care. Great customer service!

Patient CT

Thank you so much for helping me in every way. Keep up the good work! God bless you.

Patient PR

Thank you for your active participation in my pain management.

Patient TM

Pleasantly surprised by the speed at which Sheefa provided the medication. I have dealt, unsatisfactorily with other ‘mail order’ pharmacies.

Roberta Singletary

My name is Roberta Singletary and I am a patient of Dr. Jackson Okoya of New Jersey. I have a torn rotator cup and I have been contemplating surgery for quite some time now. My Doctor referred me to Sheefa Pharmacy, and the Pharmacist, in reference to different mixtures that they make in medications. So I went, I applied it (the Sheefa Pain Cream) and it’s like a miracle cream to me. I will certainly no longer be having surgery, I am pleased. My pain starts in my shoulder, it goes up my right side neck and down my arm. Since using that I have gotten such relief and complete sleeping patterns and I am very grateful. I highly recommend it, you should try it.