Sheefa Transdermal Gels

Custom Compounding Cream Pharmacists NJSheefa Transdermal Gels


Some patients have difficulty taking medications in their commercially available form and often find little results. Sheefa Pharmacy compounding can provide alternate methods of delivery to make the process easier and more efficient. Instead of a capsule or tablet, pain medications are often compounded as a transdermal gel, which is applied directly to the site of the pain and absorbed through the skin for faster relief.


Sheefa Pharmacy offers a wide variety of transdermal gels and creams for neuropathy and pain management. Ask how you can receive your specialty compound for the following medical conditions:

  • Migraine
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Upper/Lower Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Neuropathic Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Tendonitis
  • Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Fibromyalgia

Talk to us about other areas of compounding including: wound care, eczema, diaper rash, and scars.